clevermethod in Buffalo Business First.

january 19, 2017

clevermethod in Buffalo Business First.

Check out our mention in Buffalo Business First. We've included the article below:

Clever methods: How a local company fills gap between marketing and IT at large corporations

Founded in 2000 as a software development company, clevermethod quickly added creative and marketing services. If that sounds familiar, it’s because every marketing agency these days includes some kind of development service.

But the Elma-based firm has stayed true to its roots by emphasizing technical expertise, which has allowed it to take on accounts for large customers and "sit in that no man’s land between the marketing and IT teams," said Doug Kasperek, who co-owns the company along with Matt Hasselback.

That approach has led to longstanding relationships with many major corporations and allowed clevermethod to grow from the three-person founding team to about 25 employees today.

The company’s revenue increase about 10 percent in 2016 as it pursues careful growth. Kasperek likened his company’s work on websites to a custom homebuilder who carefully attends to a client’s needs, balancing their overall vision with an acute attention to detail. The company recently won 2 platinum and 3 gold AVA Digital Awards, which honor excellence in digital marketing.

"There are a lot of shops that will make websites for you," he said. "We come in and say, 'What do you need for this house,' and really put a lot of time into our thought process and strategy."

Kasperek acknowledged that clevermethod’s work has traditionally favored one-off contracts, but that the company has worked in recent years to build more recurring revenue and mid-sized accounts. The company has a branded product called impress, a customizable, digital sales catalog build for traveling sales reps.

"It’s mainly to replace the big binders that a tire or tractor salesman is bringing into a meeting." Kasperek said. "It’s provisioned and set up by us and tailored to a specific business."

- Dan Miner, Reporter, Buffalo Business First

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