2017 AVA Digital Awards.

january 11, 2017 cailey.bardwell@clevermethod.com

2017 AVA Digital Awards.

The results are in, and the clevermethod team is proud to announce that we have received ten AVA Digital Awards for 2017.

AVA Digital Awards recognizes excellence by creative professionals responsible for the planning, concept, direction, design and production of digital communication on an international level. With recognition spanning a variety of categories, from audio creation to complete website development, clevermethod took home two platinum awards, three gold awards, and five honorable mentions.


Platinum Awards:

Pro Bono
11 Day Power Play Website Redesign www.11daypowerplay.com
Mighty Taco® Placemat https://vimeo.com/195670713/e614955493


Gold Awards:

Website Homepage
Galbani® Cheese Website Design www.galbanicheese.com
Business to Consumer
Mighty Taco® Website Redesign www.mightytaco.com
Business to Consumer
FUNemployed™ Website Redesign www.funemployedgame.com



Honorable Mentions:

Mighty Taco® Illustrated World https://vimeo.com/195670693/2b8d8e0674
Ninja® Mother’s Day Email http://content.sharkclean.com/vo/?FileID=b3c5841e-2464-49bb-a5d5-441861742ac9&ListID=58608
Ninja®Kitchen Mobile Website Design m.ninjakitchen.com
Business to Consumer
Ninja®Kitchen Website Design www.ninjakitchen.com
Business to Consumer
ICE Super Chexx Website Design www.bubblehockey.com
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