celebrating diversity and inclusion through social media.

July 28, 2021

Recognizing and supporting diversity throughout your company and brand is an essential part of marketing. After all, the more people can relate to your brand, the more potential customers and loyalty surrounding it. Facebook and Pinterest are looking to tap into this idea with some exciting updates surrounding inclusion within their platforms, which all of us here at clevermethod could not be more thrilled about.


Starting within their own company, Facebook is now pledging to help increase gender equality within the tech sector. By sending employees to the upcoming Increasing Diversity in Innovation conference, Facebook hopes to increase support for underrepresented inventors within their industry. The conference takes place on July 26-29, 2021 and attendees are invited to sign a ‘Pledge to Increase Diversity in Inventorship’ as a symbol of their commitment to this important cause, which Facebook helped devise. 

Taking it a step further, Facebook decided to act on this pledge already by incorporating new Women’s Safety training events to help improve online safety and inclusion within their company. The goal of these events is to gain insights into how its safety tools work and how women can implement these key elements to improve their experience across its platforms. Occurring in seven separate sessions across 4 time zones, Facebook will showcase the various tools and processes it offers to assist, which, ideally, will help broaden inclusion within its apps. Way to go, Facebook!


As most of us know, Pinterest is a very visual platform. And when you don’t see anyone that looks like you in any of the content, it can feel very isolating. While Pinterest has reportedly been working on inclusive products since 2018, such as their ban of weight-loss ads, one of their most notable is integrating skin tone ranges with their ‘Try On’ product. 

Currently available in 14 countries, Pinterest developed this feature after hearing from countless users about the difficulty of finding certain products based on their skin tone. As the name suggests, through ‘Try On,’ a user can test a range of beauty products virtually to see how it looks with their unique skin tone. So, did it work? You bet! Pinterest found Pinners are 5x more likely to show purchase intent on Pins with AR than standard Pins. Talk about listening to the needs of your audience and taking action! Awesome job, Pinterest!

It’s all of our responsibility to make the content we share inclusive to as many communities as possible. Whether represented through our choice in stock photos or the language we use, we should all follow suit behind companies like Facebook and Pinterest and work to make the digital community inclusive for all.

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