how to spice up your agency’s social media content.

August 13, 2021

When working at an agency, it can be easy to become focused on client work – causing in-house projects to fall to the wayside. Don’t blame yourself; it’s a positive thing to give your clients your all. However, you owe it to your followers (and future clients) to consistently give informative and enjoyable content to engage with. 

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to spice up your upcoming social media content.

share industry tips.

Have you recently come across a new industry trend? Heard about a great tip? Share it with your audience! You’re not only showing your audience that you’re actively staying up to date on your field but also helping out fellow peers who will gladly return the favor! 

show your brand’s personality through witty content.

The content you post on your company page does not always have to be industry-focused. If your brand conveys a more laid-back and fun personality, your social media should reflect that! Start keeping track of funny quotes from around the office or poll your employees on random topics for debate–share them with your followers and see what their opinion is. This type of content allows your followers to get to know you as a brand and the people behind the name, rather than simply a business. Knowing your business’s voice and personality will be the first step to truly engaging your audience.

celebrate employees.

Showcasing and celebrating your employees can take your good agency and make it a great one. After all, where would you be without them? Posting about birthdays and company anniversaries is a great way to boost company morale and give your employees the celebration they deserve! In the copy of these posts, include facts about each person so both you and your audience can get to know a little more about them!

post about relevant national holidays.

Researching national holidays relevant to your brand or your clients is a simple way to create unique content. You can post a graphic or take it a step further and ask your employees to send pictures to post. For example, one of them with their dog to celebrate national dog day or, in our case, a picture of everyone in buffalo gear to show some #buffalove on 716 Day! Either way, you’re posting entertaining content for your followers to view.

share blog posts.

It’s a pretty common practice to post blogs about your industry and the projects your agency is working on to your website. So, why not talk about these blogs on your social media? This allows you to have evergreen content for your social and drive traffic to your website at the same time! It also encompasses a wide audience of potential and current clients, customers, peers, etc.  

hop on the bandwagon.

Every day there’s a new trend or set of trending hashtags–why not join the conversation? Next Thursday, consider posting a #tbt post of employees as children or give your followers a pep talk on #motivation Monday. People want to see content they can relate to and will be more likely to stop scrolling when they see your posts.

Creating and curating content can be a lot, but no one is asking you to reinvent the wheel! Keep it simple, keep it fun and keep engagement in mind. We hope these few tips and tricks will help get those creative juices flowing, so you can get back to posting content your audience will love.

Need help with your social content? Let our creative and marketing teams help you create content everyone will love.

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