kids under quarantine: A Q+A for work-from-home clever parents

April 6, 2020

Three weeks into social distancing, we’ve been fortunate enough to have the digital means and tools necessary to effectively work from home. But when you’re a parent, your job doesn’t end when the clock strikes five. When you’re a parent working from home with kids that need to be taken care of, educated and entertained, your job never ends.

We checked in with the clevermethod moms, dads and kids to hear how the stay-at-home life has been so far (and included some of our favorites for your entertainment).

Q1: Please describe in your kid(s) words what they think it is that you do.

A1: “Mmm – I don’t know. You type really fast. You dress fancy for every meeting that you go to, but you don’t go anywhere now. Also, you help me.”

A2: “You make art out of letters on your computer.”

Q2: What has been your favorite part of having extra time at home with your kid(s)?

A1: This may be an unpopular opinion, but I love having more time with the kids. Is it stressful sometimes? Yes.  But I wouldn’t trade it.

A2: Being able to be involved with their schoolwork and seeing them grow and improve each day.

Q3: What has been the toughest part of being a parent during this time?

A1: Balancing work and school during the day. It’s difficult to be attentive and give direction, feedback and support while also working at the same time. It’s quite overwhelming!

A2: The fact that our kids are paying attention to our every move. Lessons they extract from this situation will include how to handle stressful situations in the future, so it’s important to set the best example possible.

Q4: What types of hobbies or activities have you been staying busy with?

A1: Good thing I got those electric drums right before this all went down!

A2: Virtual workout classes and kicking the soccer ball around in the yard. We’ve also squeezed in some reading and yard work.

Q5: What types of hobbies or activities have your kids been staying busy with?

A1: Scavenger hunts, art, Easter crafts, reading, movies, video games, walks, cooking…. anything and everything!

A2: Making the house look like a tornado went through it. That, yoga, and kids’ dance songs on YouTube have all been a lifesaver. Puzzles have also been a huge hit.

Q6: What has been the go-to favorite meal over the last few weeks?

A1: Our go-to Friday night chicken parm – it’s a weekly thing that we are committed to keeping up with, even now!

A2: Tacos, burritos and smoothies. Not necessarily at the same time.

Q7: What movie have you been forced to watch countless times?

A1: A TV show: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. It’s innocent, but after 2 weeks of it, I’m about to delete Amazon Prime from my TV!

A2: How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Q8: Referring to your child as a coworker, what’s the funniest thing that has happened so far?

A1: I had to argue with my coworker about the importance of wearing pants outside when it was only 43 degrees.

A2: My coworker ran through the house naked to let everyone know the FedEx guy dropped off a box on our porch. Not sure why he was naked.

Q9: What do you look forward to most when this is all over with?

A1: Getting together with friends and family and not having to wave from 6 feet away at the end of their driveways.

A2: Getting inside an old, dirty, Buffalo pub for a beer and some hot wings.

Q10: What advice would you have for other working-from-home parents during this time?

A1: Try not to stress out (easier said than done!). Find new traditions that you can implement and look forward to, and just enjoy the time you have with your kids. Because really, you’ll look back when they are grown up and out of the house and smile about how fun it was to have them with you for that time we had a global pandemic and the whole world shut down.

A2: I think the important thing to remember is that this is not the typical work-from-home situation. It is a pandemic work-from-home situation during which we are isolating ourselves. It’s OK to loosen expectations/rules a shade in order to ensure we are all staying healthy mentally as well as physically. Learning doesn’t always have to be done via textbook—there are opportunities everywhere, in everyday life.

What are the lessons you’ve learned as a parent, roommate, and educator? What are some of the ways you and your family are staying connected? How has the stay-at-home life been for you as a parent? Reach out to us on Twitter and tell us all about it.

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