the power of digital during a global crisis.

March 24, 2020

It’s no shock that the entire economy has been impacted by the current landscape. Thanks to digital, businesses have been able to rapidly shift gears to accommodate the latest mandates. And as COVID-19 continues to develop, that will only become more apparent over time.

When the coronavirus (COVID-19) first started impacting communities, internet traffic increased between 10% and 20%. Now, with nationwide quarantines and changing business strategies, traffic has increased to above 30%. Here are some of the positive outcomes we’ve seen from that shift:

1. Businesses are responding to demand—and very quickly. In just a matter of hours, restaurants and local shops have been able to stand up a presence online. Ecommerce sites have replaced brick and mortar locations, restaurants have offered curbside pickup and delivery through new mobile apps, and organizations have been able to communicate their changing messages efficiently and effectively.

2. Physical locations can now reach large audiences remotely. Gyms and fitness companies have turned to digital for personal training, instructional videos, and virtual classes. By doing so, they’re not only able to reach more people in real-time, but also able to focus on something that should not be underestimated during this time: our physical wellbeing.

3. Streaming services are keeping up. Instead of going to physical movie theaters, people now have the convenience of logging on to Netflix, HBO, Disney+, Hulu—even Universal is releasing new films online. Due to such a peak demand during this time, these services may even be temporarily shifting to standard definition instead of HD. But these companies have been able to seamlessly service the millions of users watching shows, movies, and games.

4. Business owners can see better bang for their buck. As organizations shift strategies from traditional to digital, they’re seeing a larger reach and even cost advantages. One of our clients, an industrial manufacturing company headquartered in Buffalo, actually saw a rapid decline in all inbound leads from everything except their website and digital marketing efforts. Shifting their traditional marketing dollars into digital is allowing them to continue generating new leads, and reach a larger, more engaged audience online—which many other businesses will continue to do over time.

5. Friends and families can stay more connected than ever before. Families are finding new ways to share photos, stay in contact, and even celebrate special events by leveraging social media platforms and video conferencing tools like Skype and Zoom. During a time where human contact is so minimal, this can’t be underestimated.

As COVID-19 continues to change the way businesses operate, we’re focused on the health of our employees as well as the success of our clients. We will continue to work from home and rely on communication and technology to provide the highest level of service to our business partners. In the meantime, we’d like to offer our support for any business looking to learn more about the benefits of digital. If you’re interested in a free consultation, connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, or reach out anytime via

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