are you taking advantage of the Pokémon Go craze?

July 27, 2016

You mean that TV show and game from the 90’s?
No. Well, kind of. That was Pokémon.

So what is Pokémon Go?
Pokémon Go is the new and improved version for the digital world. The game forces users to get out of their seats and move around the real world to catch Pokémon characters. It utilizes smartphone features like the camera and location services to create a compelling combination of real-life and virtual experiences. In order to catch new Pokémon and rank up, it is crucial that gamers visit locations called PokéStops. PokéStops are important places around your area like monuments, statues, or other public places where you can collect Poké Balls and other special items. The items you find at these PokéStops are then used to help catch characters which can be found not only near these large PokéStops, but virtually anywhere by simply walking around. The game has truly become an overnight phenomenon and people are flocking left and right to try and “catch ‘em all.”

Why is it so popular?
Pokémon Go was released on July 6, 2016 and has already surpassed the average usage time on popular apps such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and even Tinder. But why? Well first off, it is important to understand why this game has become so popular. Although this is certainly not the first location-based game to ever be released, there has not been one that has seen this type of growth this fast. The main difference between Pokémon Go and other mobile games is that it requires users to physically go to these public places to find the Pokémon characters. While doing this, it is not uncommon to see other gamers who share the same goal. One of the main reasons Pokémon Go has become such a societal craze is because of how popular the Pokémon brand once was and how much people enjoy reminiscing about it. Playing and experiencing Pokémon Go has even created friendships, connections, and real-life interactions between gamers that few other mobile games can replicate.

How can I take advantage as a business owner?
The quick rise in popularity of Pokémon Go has made many businesses wonder how they can capitalize on the movement. Some have found that they are conveniently located near PokéStops. So, while gamers are walking around trying to collect more items and Pokémon, these businesses are offering discounts and coming up with creative promotional ideas in an attempt to lure more gamers in. Some have even gone as far as implementing phone-charging stations in hopes that gamers will buy a drink or meal as they wait for their phones to charge.

Social media has also played a large role in capturing the business of these gamers. As both business owners and customers discover Pokémon in these settings, they have begun to post more and more photos of them on social media. By taking advantage of this craze, much like Mighty Taco has done, customers are being drawn to these locations and overall engagement and revenue is increasing for these businesses. With a little creativity, the possibilities can be endless.

And yet, us employees at clevermethod are wondering, “Why are there so few Pokémon at our office?!”

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