thanks for a great summer!

august 11, 2016 eli.melas

thanks for a great summer!

Eli Melas | Marketing Analyst Intern
John Carroll University ‘17

Being offered a summer internship to work at clevermethod was a huge relief. I had gone through the interviewing process for several companies and I can honestly say that if any one of those companies felt like “home,” it was clevermethod. I distinctly remember leaving my interview thinking two thoughts: “Well, these people are really friendly” and “Wow, I actually know a lot of these clients they work with!” It was awesome. I was ecstatic to start working and couldn’t wait to start finding my niche in an office setting.

As I walked into clevermethod on my first day as an Intern, I must say I was pretty nervous. I came in with no prior office experience and I had no idea what to expect from this opportunity. Yes, I was surely eager to start this new life experience and see how I could contribute within the company, but that still couldn’t stop those initial “butterflies” from setting in my stomach. Yet, soon after entering the building, I was welcomed by friendly co-workers and a bright, color-filled work atmosphere that specifically made me feel like I was going to be apart of something great. Accompanied by this, I was greeted by the immense amount of smiles, laughter, and hard-working people that fill the office. It was a good feeling to be apart of and the camaraderie around the office is truly unexplainable.

Everyone that I spoke to within the company had said that I would be thrown right into the fire and given actual, meaningful tasks, but I didn’t believe it until it actually happened. I soon found out that I would be working with well-known companies like Mattel, Mighty Taco, Moog, and so much more. And on top of that, they keep you busy! I found my time here at clevermethod to be flying by and rarely did I catch myself constantly checking the clock. There was always some type of work to be done so there was no worry of being bored or having a weak workload…Which I enjoyed! In my eyes, the busy days are the good days.

Overall, I can only appreciate the opportunity that I have been given to work for a company that not only cares about the work that they produce, but also the people that they work alongside. I am happy to have spent the past couple months learning the ins-and-outs of the business from such helpful individuals and I am grateful to have started the next chapter of my life with the clevermethod team!

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