newest clevermethoders.

december 1, 2016

newest clevermethoders.

We have three new employees here at clevermethod, and we want you to meet them!  

ashleyAshley Hiser

Position: Interactive Designer
Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from SUNY Fredonia
Previous Roles: Interactive Designer for Aurora Consulting Group and Assistant Graphic Designer for Brothers International Food Corporation
Feelings about clevermethod so far: I love it here! It’s a fun space with some great people.
Strangest office occurrence: The day Sam lost his helicopter and was walking around on the roof looking for it.
Do you think the office is too cold, too hot, or just right? Too cold!  

dougDoug Bradley

Position: Account Development Manager
Education: BA - Denison University
Previous Roles:  Owner Bradley MediaWorks, National Sales Manager WKBW-ABC
Feelings about clevermethod so far:  Super friendly and talented group of people!
Strangest office occurrence: Shot Gun blasts in middle of day
Do you think the office is too cold, too hot, or just right? So far just right!  

sueSue Schoenborn

Position: Technical Project Lead
Education: SUNY Geneseo
Previous Roles: Worked for another local business in a similar role for 15 years prior to this.
Feelings about clevermethod so far: Love the energy around here. Perfect balance of productivity with some fun sprinkled in.
Strangest office occurrence: Nothing so far. It’ll take a lot to surprise me. Consider the gauntlet thrown! ;)
Do you think the office is too cold, too hot, or just right? Cold early and hot late. There is about a ten minute window, somewhere around early afternoon, where the temperature is perfect.     Check out our website here to learn more fun facts and statistics about the rest of our employees!

301 Ohio Street
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(716) 805-1065
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