not just fun and games.

december 16, 2016

not just fun and games.

FUNemployed™ is a brand new party game where players must talk their way into winning a job using four random Qualification Cards – only they are not your typical qualifications.

When our client came to us looking for a one-page promotional website for the product, we were thrilled to jump on board. Because although the game is full of absurd qualifications, ours were perfect for this job.

The launch of the game was tied with a series of 10 live events at bars in different cities. So we took to the drawing boards immediately to ensure a quick turnaround. We sketched out a few comps and had a blast doing it!   funemployed sketches  

Once our client agreed on a design, we began development. The site features a fun animation that pulls in a random set of one Job Card and four Qualifications Cards every time the page is refreshed.

The site was up and running just in time for the product launch and live events.

Check it out!   funemployed launch

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