designed by you. made by New Era.

february 15, 2017

designed by you. made by New Era.

New Era®, a long-time client of ours, recently came to us to help bring their online cap configurator – an essential part of their brand-new “New Era® by You” campaign – across the finish line.

We partnered with New Era’s IT and marketing teams to enhance the design, unify the user interface of the application, and wrap up development. Throughout the process, we created several prototypes and worked closely with our client to finalize each segment, all while working under a tight deadline.

The final product features a UI design that is optimized for everything from mobile to desktop. It allows users to customize the color of every part of a cap, down to the stitching and buttons. The caps can also feature logos ranging from official MLB, NHL, and NBA licensed logos to New Era® branded logos. The custom caps can then be ordered instantly. new era by you screenshots  

In addition, we contributed to the campaign marketing efforts with the production of the homepage video showing the creation and output process of the caps.


The application was brought to life at the grand opening of the LA flagship store. The store is filled with kiosks featuring the cap configurator, allowing customers to customize and order caps right in-store.  

LA flagship store  

Check it out at!

301 Ohio Street
Suite 100
Buffalo, NY 14204
(716) 805-1065
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