3 reasons to maintain an organic social media strategy

May 12, 2022

Social media marketing is arguably one of the most popular forms of marketing today. In fact, if your brand does not have a social media account, it’s considered unusual. But too often, brands get caught up in the idea of promoting their products and services via social media ads rather than promoting themselves as a brand organically on their social channels. This practice can have negative consequences for your brand. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of reasons why your brand should consider maintaining an organic social media strategy. 


building relationships with customers.

By now, it shouldn’t surprise you that customers turn to brands’ social media accounts when they have questions or complaints or even to show appreciation. Globally, 54% of people had a more favorable view of brands that responded to customer service questions or complaints on social media. If your brand does not engage in organic posting, you appear more robotic and less human. Your followers want to feel like they are interacting with an actual person who cares about what they have to say–which does not come across without an organic presence.


building brand credibility.

Have you ever searched for your favorite brand on Instagram and noticed that they didn’t have many posts on their account? What was your first thought? For most users, the question of whether or not the account is legitimate comes to mind–especially if the account is not yet verified. Posting to your social media accounts consistently shows your followers that you care about keeping them informed on all things brand-related and how excited you are to bring them into your world. 


building brand awareness.

If a customer hears about a brand and wants to learn more about it, they’re most likely to turn to social media as a resource. Even if they were to look up a brand name using a search engine such as Google, odds are the brand’s social media accounts would be among the top results. If you do not have a cohesive social presence, your audience is exactly where they started: knowing little to nothing about your brand. Additionally, sharing organic content allows followers to share it on their channels, opening up an opportunity for their followers to get to know your brand as well. 


Need help with your organic social media content? Let our creative and marketing teams help you create content that will turn your followers into superfans! Drop us a line or D.M. us on social @clevermethod. We’d be happy to offer a consultation or develop a plan for you and your business.

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