A year in review: here’s what we’re thankful for in 2020

December 23, 2020

Unprecedented. Historic. Uncertain. Life-altering. There are endless ways to describe the rollercoaster ride that we’ve all been on for the past 10 months.  This year posed mental, physical, and emotional challenges both personally and professionally. But luckily, it also presented opportunities to grow, gain perspective, and come together.

For clevermethod, 2020 represented a year of learning, adjusting, and adapting. And because of it, we were able to reap the benefits.

Here’s why we’re fortunate for this unfortunate year.

We relied on technology more than ever before.

When we didn’t have the option of meeting or collaborating in person, we had to make sure our services were uninterrupted during the transition. We turned to our digital tools and resources—even more than we already had been—to help us stay connected both internally and externally. Because of it, we were able to increase collaboration, strengthen communication, and deliver on time, seamlessly. (Zoom happy hours are always a plus, too.)

We reinvented quality time with our families.

When physical businesses transition to working from home and schools begin remote learning, family time takes on a whole new meaning. And that meant many things to our teams. Some of us became part-time teachers. Some of us bonded with our pets. Some of us got engaged, bought houses, and grew our families.

Turns out we don’t always need events to attend or places to go. Sometimes we just need each other.

We pursued new hobbies.

At clevermethod, work-life balance is important. So while much of our time was spent on our 9-5 workdays, we were able to focus on new passions, too.

We connected with nature and spent time outdoors. We made fun crafts with our kids (and gave them as gifts)! We played games, dressed up our pets, and had a little too much fun with elf on the shelf. However we chose to spend our time, we enjoyed it. And that allowed us to come to work every day fulfilled and recharged.

We helped clients meet their business goals.

Thanks to our internal teams and our amazing partners, we’ve been able to pursue new business opportunities and maintain strong relationships with our clients. We helped 11 Day Power Play fight cancer virtually. We helped SharkNinja reach ecommerce goals. We helped Elderwood, Staub, and Cottrill’s refresh their websites—and continued creative and marketing strategies for ICE and Mighty Taco.

Despite a challenging year, we had the opportunity to help our partners succeed. And that, to us, means everything.

To our friends, families, clients, partners, and followers: thank you. We couldn’t have done it without you. Here’s to 2021 and beyond!

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