bring home the dome.

For over 35 years, Super Chexx Pro Bubble Hockey has been beloved by people of all ages in Buffalo and beyond. So, when our long-time partner, Innovative Concepts in Entertainment (ICE), came to us looking for help to expand their digital reach and ultimately drive more sales, we were excited about the opportunity.

huddling up on creative.

Before we jumped into a campaign, we needed to decide how to translate this classic 80s arcade game into the modern-day. We started brainstorming some new ways to showcase the custom capabilities, unmatched quality, and lifetime tech support that comes with purchasing a Super Chexx Pro. With the rise of video popularity, we teamed up with a local video production company to create a custom video animation.

skating past the competition.

Once creative was finalized, it was time to start strategizing a robust marketing plan. We utilized three separate advertising platforms – search, native and social to build awareness, increase consideration and drive purchases amongst users. These unique third-party audiences used in our native campaign allowed us to target specific personas based on hockey behaviors, websites, and fans of specific NHL teams. 

We also partnered with the NHL and relevant hockey-specific sites – New England Hockey Journal and USA Hockey Magazine. In this campaign, we ran display ads, created print ads, and participated in a homepage takeover for a full day on

After we generated this qualified traffic, we developed specific audiences based on website behaviors to lead consumers further down the funnel. From this strategy, we were able to increase brand awareness outside of our hometown, build customer loyalty, and continue to serve relevant ads to those that didn’t complete the purchase process.

bringing home the gold.

Over the last 3 years of this campaign, we consistently saw a 55% increase in eCommerce transactions, 63% increase in revenue; reaching over $1.5 in online sales, and a 75% increase in the website's conversion rate. Not to mention, the increase in overall performance and engagement in new markets across the nation. With this continued success, we were thrilled that our new digital marketing strategies helped increase the Super Chexx brand equity allowing more people to Bring Home The Dome for years to come.

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