operation remodel: website edition

The Runtal brand is considered a world leader in radiator technology, offering all designers the same high quality, unique design, and comfortable heating performance in every product. Runtal North America wanted its website to reflect and amplify this promise through a redesign.

heating things up.

The goal was more direct-to-consumer sales (B2C), and to bring the Runtal brand and website into modern times. We combined multiple sites (RuntalElectric.com, RuntalNorthAmerica.com, SteamRadiators.com) and product lines into a single site that also needed to communicate both B2B (business) and B2C (residential) audiences. By creating two, unique audience paths, we could target commercial customers interested in specs, heating outputs, and commercial applications while also still accommodating residential customers interested in design and home products. 

Runtal came to us for help creating a website that would improve the overall user experience and functionality, and still be highly optimized for mobile users. They envisioned a new website that would grow sales, improve marketing effectiveness, and allow them to acquire new customers in untapped markets. They also hoped that the new website would strategically position the company to accommodate traditional distribution channels, manage (and exceed) consumer expectations, and align with their sales partner succession plans. 

utility meets design.

To kick off the Runtal rebuild, we created a digital style guide that provided the creative guidance for a more cohesive brand identity. Next, we made wireframes, and moved forward with layering on the style guide elements to produce high-fidelity comps for internal review and approval. We made a small, yet impactful adjustment to the logo, going with just "Runtal" instead of "Runtal Radiators - Warmth by Design". We then restructured the navigation to adjust how users navigated the site and allow for visitors to easily purchase products online. By immediately segmenting the site into commercial and residential, then further by type of radiator, customer journeys were streamlined and optimized.

Next, we moved Runtal from a proprietary, locked-down backend system to the flexible, scalable WordPress platform using WooCommerce. We also moved their product catalog of thousands of variable products into a system where sales could be tracked and monitored. 

With the website complete, we turned our efforts towards marketing.  We ran multiple campaigns from the standard radiator marketing, to product launches and email blasts, to geo-targeted campaigns in specific areas of the country where Runtal was not as well known. We took over their underperforming paid ad account and created more detailed campaigns, updated their shopping ads, and utilized Facebook and Pinterest to introduce them into the Interior Design space. We also incorporated more business-focused Microsoft Ads that allowed them to reach a broader, yet still targete, audience.


The development of the website took around two months. Launching in July 2020, we've seen website sales almost DOUBLE, with an average 6% list price discount. And since clevermethod starting managing and optimizing their paid campaigns, we've seen a 10% increase in impressions, a 15% increase in clicks, a 10% increase in CTR, and a 48% decrease in Cost-Per-Click! We've also seen an impressive 800+% decrease in cost per conversion. With a substantial increase in revenue, sustained increases in website traffic, and an overall improved customer experience, we'd call this project a major success!

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