digital marketing with the works.

When Ninja® decided it was time to rethink their online marketing from the ground up, we were there to help.

Working closely with our client, we conceived and built an integrated collection of resources and materials that took customers from research to purchase to support and beyond. And in the process, we identified new business opportunities and developed systems to make the most of them.

Among the results? An award-winning website that led to a 40% increase in organic search traffic.

supporting consumers – before and after purchase.

Thanks to our long collaboration with Ninja, we had a good sense of the role their online properties played in the buying cycle, online and off.

Every consumer touchpoint was carefully evaluated to ensure they worked together effectively. We worked with Ninja's in-house creative team to create natural links between digital media and everything from scripts to packaging design.

As the hub of our efforts, the Ninja sites are dedicated to sharing meaningful content that demonstrates product features and value. In addition to serving consumers early in the buying-cycle, the sites also support existing customers – with tips, videos, product manuals, and easily-purchased replacement parts and accessories.

To support Ninja's ever-growing collection of recipes, tips, and information, we built an infrastructure to make updating and sharing this key content quick and easy. In addition, we developed custom content supporting the contributions of celebrity chefs and nutritionists.

one system, unlimited offers.

When it comes to promotions and customized offers, Ninja needs to be as quick and effective as, well, a ninja. To help, we developed a data-driven management solution we call Offer Grid Technology. This system lets the Ninja marketing team easily create, test, and optimize new offers based on consumer interest, and then measure the resulting KPIs.

Updating Ninja's web presence was only the start. As we developed the new sites, we were simultaneously preparing a range of media to drive consumers to them.

This meant creating email campaigns, display advertising, and social media promotions to foster brand awareness, drive sales, and encourage engagement.

getting better all the time.

We regularly review the sites' metrics, enabling us to make informed, effective optimizations on an ongoing basis. We also work closely with Ninja's customer service team to keep the sites fresh, compelling, and valuable for every visitor.

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