the best dairy has to offer.

For nearly 90 years, Lactalis has built a reputation for being the world’s #1 dairy company. Now, they needed a website that represented their quality and dedication. As a partner with their consumer brand Galbani Cheese, we knew just how to give this reputable company the perfect brand refresh. We worked tirelessly to deliver a modern and responsive website that aligned with their corporate branding and brand standards. Soon after the website launch, COVID-19 changed work (and life) for nearly everyone, and Lactalis was no exception.

creative and development.

We started our redesign with a collaborative and iterative creative process that incorporated brand guidelines, client input, wireframing, and the creation of a digital style guide. These best practices helped us achieve the project objectives in a streamlined and timely way.

We strategically selected brand imagery and incorporated product photography to showcase the wide range of dairy goods, as well as promote the Lactalis American Group family of brands. From an interactive timeline showcasing Lactalis’s long history to a clean, mobile-first design, we created a website style that reflected the standard of excellence that Lactalis has for their company and products.

After we had the style guide in order, it was time to start building. We leveraged the WordPress platform, Divi theme, and Pantheon hosting platform to deliver a fast, secure and robust backend that is built for the present and extendable in the future.


After a 12-week design and build process, when we launched the website we saw an immediate improvement with a responsive design and optimized platform.  A year after launch, we saw noticeable improvements in the site traffic with an increase of 65.08% in new users and a 79.59% increase in returning users.

As this website continues to grow, we look forward to seeing even greater success in the future and, most importantly, a website that will adapt and evolve with Lactalis.

a COVID story.

With a global presence, Lactalis was already used to working with partners in different parts of the country, and around the globe, but with non-essential workers forced to work remotely, Lactalis wasted no time finding a way to keep the team connected. They reached out to us to develop a website portal that only Lactalis employees could access. This portal allowed Lactalis team members to share stories, pictures and videos, and Lactalis leadership to communicate news and important messaging to the entire team. From new recipes (using delicious Lactalis products, of course) to a photo gallery dedicated to coffee mugs, this portal served as not just a way to stay connected to those that were previously in an office together, but to the whole global Lactalis team.

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