what you need to know about marketing and google trends.

January 3, 2022

As a marketer or SEO professional, it is your responsibility to produce content that will engage and reach your desired audience. While some people may claim marketers are mind readers, their success is actually the result of meticulous research into the minds of their target audience. How do they do it? By utilizing essential tools such as Google Trends to provide insight into users’ intent and search queries.

what is google trends?

Google Trends is a website that analyzes the popularity of top search queries in Google Search across various regions and languages. Through this free service, users can utilize graphs to compare the search volume of different queries over time. This is valuable information for marketers, as it measures interest in a particular topic across search, from around the globe, right down to city-level geography.

how do marketers use google trends to their advantage?

Picture this: you’re ready to make your brand’s social media content calendar for January, and you draw a blank for post ideas. Or let’s say you need to come up with a new holiday ad, and you want to make sure your audience will relate to it. Marketers use Google Trends to see what consumers are most interested in seeing; their goal is to make their content as relevant and relatable as possible. Suppose you are in charge of a local animal shelter’s social media account, and your goal is to encourage December adoptions. In that case, you can look up the “pets” search topic for last December and see related topics and search queries in your area. This can influence what picture you use or the copy associated with it to engage as many people as possible.

Marketers can also use Google Trends to determine what customers search for about competing brands. Let’s say you work for a local boutique and search competitors like Marshalls or Target and Google Trends shows that “target ugly Xmas sweaters” is a popular search term. You may decide to promote a sale on ugly Christmas sweaters to try to drive customers to your store instead. Having a leg up on the competition is essential, and Google Trends is here to help.

top 10 meme searches of 2021

As we’ve said, Google Trends is used for all kinds of content purposes–like memes, for example! Marketers must be up to date on the latest trends, especially those that their audience relates to. For fun, we decided to check out the top 10 meme searches of 2021! Do you recognize any of these? 

1. Bernie Sanders’ mittens

2. Hamster

3. Twisted tea

4. Squid Game

5. Sheesh

6. Red flag

7. Dab me up

8. Trade offer

9. Vin Diesel family

10. Suez Canal

Looking to use Google Trends in your upcoming content strategy? We’d be happy to take it to the next level through a consultation or managing your social media ads. Connect with us on social media @clevermethod or drop us a line to get started!

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