the great escape: holiday edition.

december 22, 2017 kristin johnson

the great escape: holiday edition.

‘Twas the end of December, when all through the halls, Not a creative was focused, because the holiday calls. The timesheets were sent, the long meetings came to a break, Now let’s get to the festivities, it’s time to escape.

That was the foundation for our holiday game development—and something everyone can relate to when it comes to this time of year.  

the design process.

Each December, clevermethod sends out holiday cards to our clients, friends and followers. But what’s the fun in simply signing a card without putting your own spin on it? So we had our creative team design a custom card featuring the building that we call home: 1200 Maple.   holiday card 2017  

We began with a custom font for “Happy Holidays,” illustrated the front of our building and added in all the minor details—like the snow that comes with the territory when you work in Elma, of course.

Being a digital agency, we felt compelled to take it a step further. So, we developed a game featuring the very same design but with a fun concept: how quickly can you escape the office before the holidays?  

game development: escape the office.

Based on the design and illustration of the holiday card, we translated that into a digital version. We reskinned our existing Irish Goodbye game (for those of you that played last year) to align with the color and style of our card. But the concept is the very same—complete the tasks, dodge the other players and exit the office as quickly as you can.

Here’s the best part: if the players chasing you look familiar, it’s because they are. Our creatives designed a character for each and every one of us (and they’re pretty spot on).  

holiday party 2017  

So what are you waiting for? It’s the Friday before break, holiday festivities are calling and we want to see what you’ve got. Play the game and escape the office! Let us know your best time on Twitter @clevermethod. And from our family to yours, happy holidays!

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