presenting: The Mighty Run.

june 23, 2016

presenting: The Mighty Run.

The problem: The Mighty Run
Lunch time rolls around at the office. You are hungry, and so is everyone else. Finally, someone says the magic words – Mighty Run. Everyone loves a Mighty Run, but not everyone loves being responsible for one. By the time you’ve gathered everyone’s orders, you’re left with a mess of scraps of paper and post-it notes. You then attempt to read them off to a Mighty Taco employee, faced with the pressure of getting every last detail right.

The solution: The Mighty Run app
Look no further. We've solved the problem with easy-to-use, fairly powerful technology. Simply go to and invite your coworkers. They enter their orders online and you print out a perfectly formatted order to present at your nearest Mighty Taco.

The results: Lunchtime Hero
Return victoriously as the hero you are - a Lunchtime Hero.

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