demolition is their job. rebuilding is ours.

april 12, 2017 kristin johnson

demolition is their job. rebuilding is ours.

We recently designed and developed a responsive WordPress website for Total Wrecking – a Buffalo-based demolition and environmental remediation contractor serving clients nationwide.

As a trusted leader in the demolition services industry, Total Wrecking saw the need for an updated website that showcases everything the company represents. That’s where we came in.

We utilized compelling video elements on the homepage and strong imagery throughout the site to give a scalable, realistic vision of Total Wrecking’s capabilities. We also updated the site with fresh content, an interactive map, a reworked mission statement, responsive design and user-friendly navigation. We even created a style guide for the brand to follow in the future.    

Take a look at the finished product!

301 Ohio Street
Suite 100
Buffalo, NY 14204
(716) 805-1065
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